Thank You Tom Gores -- Pistons Clinch Worst Record in Franchise History

April 12, 2024, 10:12 AM by  Allan Lengel

Tom Gores (File photo)

It was in 2011 that billionaire Tom Gores purchased the Detroit Pistons. Since then they've continued to suck. They've made the playoffs twice, but even then, they've won no post-season games.

Thank you Mr. Gores. Thank you Mr. Beverly Hills (and that's not the same one as in Michigan).

This year the poorly run franchise has something new to boast about. 

Not only will the team very likely end the season with the worst record in the NBA,  but Thursday at fan appreciation night at Little Caesars Arena they clinched the worst record in franchise history with a 127-105 loss to the Chicago Bulls, who have a losing record.

With two games to go, the 13-67 Pistons cannot beat the franchise's worst record of 16-66 in 1979-80.

The Lions learned the hard way that sometimes you really do need a major clean-out in the front office. Loyalty to people in the front office who are doing nothing to move your franchise forward can obviously be detrimental.

On the upside, the Detroit News points out, the Pistons have a 2.0-game lead on the Washington Wizards (15-65) for the best NBA Draft Lottery odds.

In the previous season, the Pistons ended with a record of 17-65, the worst record in the NBA.

If anything, the Gores organization is consistent. 

P.S. Don't feel too bad Mr. Gores. Forbes magazine lists his worth at $9.1 billion, and ranks him #275 when it comes to wealthy people in the world. 

Which proves a point: Money can buy a lot of things, but apparently not a wining Pistons team.

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