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City of Detroit Ombudsman, Detroit’s Independent Oversight and Fact-Finding Source, Is Here to Help

January 21, 2022, 7:35 PM

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Hello Detroit!

Ombudsman Bruce Simpson

Bruce Simpson is your City of Detroit Ombudsman, born and raised in the “D”! He is honored to serve you where, he lives, works, plays, dines, raises his children, and he wants a good quality of life throughout the city!  Ombudsman Simpson is proud to say that he is the grandson of the beloved, the late Hon. Barbara Rose Collins.  

“She taught me well and provided me with a legacy of understanding what it takes to be of service to others,” said Simpson. In 2015, Simpson was unanimously appointed by a two-thirds majority of the Detroit City Council to a 10-year term under the City of Detroit 2012 Charter (Article 7.5.-Chapter 4- Sec.7.5-401. - Sec.7.5-417) 

How the Ombudsman's office meets Detroiters' needs

As an advocate for the people, Ombudsman Simpson and his team work as an independent oversight and investigative agency. They provide constituents, business owners and/or developers of Detroit with an autonomous avenue to address a variety of complaints confidentially, by receiving the grievances and advocating for the delivery of public services from the City of Detroit. Simpson recommends policy and procedural changes when systemic issues are identified.

Simpson believes, “together, we must ensure that everyone is included in the resurgence of our city, and our focus is on every neighborhood!”  He and his team stand committed to providing you with a level of service and accountability you can depend on as we continue rebuilding our great city.

“The progress my office has made in previous years have been significant, but as a vigilant leader, I realize there is always an opportunity for improvement, and we will continue to work diligently on the following areas: revealing areas of improvements needed in the City of Detroit, examine policies that will place municipalities in a better position to serve our residents, advocate for tax paying City of Detroit residents, analyze the City of Detroit Mayoral Fiscal Budget and act as a source of information for preparation of the City Council budget.” 

Mark your calendars and be a part of the process. The City of Detroit’s 2022-23 Mayoral Fiscal Budget process will begin in early March 2022. Simpson plans to analyze the budget and make City government recommendations on improvements and policy amendments that may be outdated and/or insufficient. 

 “I value the voice and concerns of our Detroit constituents, the recommendations made by my office are derived from various complaints received via telephone, in person, online, social media, along with being in the community. The complaints are methodically reviewed and investigated; many of my recommendations focus on the quality of life, revenue generating opportunities and programming that will assist in providing neighborhood cleanliness, stronger code enforcement, and investment.” 

Here’s a list of previous Mayoral Fiscal Budget Recommendations where action was considered and to date, have made a major impact on the quality of life for our Detroit Residents

  • Board Up Program - (Recommended in 2016-17)

  • Safe Routes to School - (Recommended in 2015-16) 

  • Michigan State Police (MSP) Cadaver Dogs for Demolition/Vacant House (Recommended in 2018-2019)

To view a full list of the Ombudsman’s Fiscal Budget Recommendations and any previous Complaint Reports, visit online - www.detroitmi.gov/ombudsman

Contact the Office of the Ombudsman to report and/or request assistance with your concerns on the following, but not limited to:

  • Vacant and dangerous properties open for trespassing

  • Illegal dumping

  • Overgrown grass and weeds

  • Abandoned vehicles

  • Snow removal

  • Water main breaks and disputed water bills

  • Property and Income tax issues

  • Hazardous buildings in violation of city safety codes

  • Tree maintenance

  • Public lighting issues

Ombudsman Simpson is committed to engaging with your community in person, through social media, virtual meetings, via telephone and email to discuss the concerns of our residents and business owners.

Call the Office of the Ombudsman at (313) 224.6000, or stop in at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, 2 Woodward, Room 114, Detroit, MI 48226, Monday – Friday, between 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Keep up with the Office of the Ombudsman, text “MIDETROIT_OMB” to 468311, to subscribe and receive updates.

Thank you, Detroit! 

                         Improving your Quality of Life on a Daily Basis


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