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Former Car Dealer Helps Michigan Customers Get the Best Deals with His Online Service

April 26, 2020, 10:00 PM

This content is sponsored by Deliver My Ride, an online service for customers to buy or lease cars, which are brought to drivers' homes.  

Local car dealerships are overflowing with inventory, but these days in particular it’s impractical to physically shop around for the best deal in town.

The solution: Deliver My Ride, an online service in Metro Detroit that lists pre-negotiated prices for about 10,000 new and used vehicles from more than 60 dealerships in Southeast Michigan.  Whether it’s a lease or a sale, in 15 minutes customers can order online and have the car delivered to their home.

No salesman. No sales calls. No hassle. 

“We demystify car buying,” says Mike McInerney, owner of Deliver My Ride. “It doesn’t have to be as secretive or as time-consuming as salespeople make it out to be.”

And everyone gets the same great deal, he says.

“If you’re a woman you’re not getting a different price,” he says. “Study after study show women pay more at the dealership.”

The business started in 2014.

Mike McInerney and Peter Karmanos Jr.

McInerney, whose family was in the car dealership business for many decades partnered with MadDog Technology, a Birmingham-based firm run by Peter Karmanos Jr., which built the site.

“It was a matter of getting a guy who knows technology and an experienced car guy to put their heads together to create this,” McInerney said.

On his website, he explains why he saw the need for Deliver My Ride.

“I wanted to buy a car for my daughter a couple years after leaving the retail car business and experienced firsthand how difficult the car buying process could be as a consumer.

“I searched the web looking for a fast, easy and transparent way to compare different vehicle brands, prices and incentives. Every site either directed me to a dealership or sold my information, which led to weeks of unwanted calls and emails. … It was frustrating. So, I set out to fix the problem through my knowledge of the car business and utilizing modern technology.”

McInerney says he’s using his knowledge of the industry to work for the customer. His company pre-negotiates every price listed on the site so customers never have to speak to dealers.

“Everything is discounted,” McInerney says. “At worst, people are going to pay ‘friends and neighbors’ prices. And everything includes taxes and destination fees.”

McInerney emphasizes that Deliver My Ride makes the shopping experience stress-free. “We help customers through the car buying process seamlessly and without obstacles. We make it really easy, really transparent.”

Cars  come from local dealerships, which is part of a broad network Delivery My Ride has established. Regardless of where the car comes from, customers can have it serviced at a nearby dealership.

“Most importantly, customers don’t have to shop at a dealership,” he says. “It takes away that stress. And the car comes right to your door. And in these trying times, this is the ultimate way to find transportation while social distancing and keeping people safe.”

To visit Deliver My Ride click here.

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